No Ls – [Smino]

Sometimes there are releases that I know are going to be so impressive that I have to set aside some time to make sure I can ingest them without any distractions and make sure that I am able to appreciate the music as it was meant to be enjoyed without rushing through it just for the sake of saying I heard it. Smino is someone who always delivers music of the highest quality, and with his natural knack for lyricism, individualistic flows, and all-out silkiness, I know going into his music that I need to omit anything that will take away from just how immaculate the songs are going to be.

Due to this, as well as to the dismay of one of my coworkers who has hounded me to listen to Smino’s latest album, I just finally listened to Luv 4 Rent, and I know I am a few weeks late, but it was what I needed to do to fully appreciate everything Smi brought to the table on this one. Luckily, it was worth the delay, but that’s not a surprise, and all 15 songs were indeed unbelievably great, so I’m beyond grateful that I finally got to listen without anything getting in the way of my pure enjoyment. Considering this effort is still very fresh, Smi isn’t even close to moving on, as he shouldn’t be, and he teamed up with Phillip Youmans for direction on the amazing visualizer for his track “No Ls”.

While visualizers are often looked at as a quick loop of the same shots, this one gets a little more in-depth before repeating its sequence, and I loved it in all of its simplicity. Smino, and a whole group of other impatient people, are waiting in line at the “Skansas City DMV” waiting to get their brand-new ID picture taken. When it’s Smino’s turn, his frown turns into a smile as he flashes his grills to the camera, looking as fresh as possible.

The cameraman had other ideas, though, because one by one, he asks Smi to take off his hat, remove his grills, take off his sunglasses, and eliminate the chains, making it as plain of a picture as possible. Although this is the loop that repeats a few times, it is well shot and really adds to the song’s legacy, in my opinion at least, so make sure you don’t miss out on some more amazing content from the St. Louis legend.