No Fifties (Remix) – [Baby Plug] feat. [Lil Keed] [Lil Gotit]

Bloggers always talk about how many artists are coming out of Atlanta and while the staggering number of incredible artists from the city is certainly reality there are still a seldom few that shine even in the massive pond that is Atlanta, and surging from the city’s famed East Side is Baby Plug who has for almost two years now dominated Atlanta’s underground sound and has a formidable youthful audience to show for it. Today he unveiled his new album Let Me Pop My Shit 2 which was a fantastic addition to the already sizable catalog that BP has been building, complete with a remix to one of Plug’s first breakout tracks, “No Fifties” which is honestly still my favorite song yet from him with quest verses from Lil Keed and Lil Gotit to help boost the song’s popularity. Baby Plug opens over the violin powered Section8 produced instrumental with the iconic bar “Fuckin a booster she gettin’ me clothes, Beam with Rooster we loosen the knob on them doors, Glock 19 with one in the nose its on me but nobody knows,” which was the goosebump inducing line that sold me on BP’s lyrical ability in the first place, although his vocals have always been obviously first-rate. Gotit and Keed both skated over this Mulan-esque instrumental but frankly Baby Plug was still the star of this track nonetheless and there is very little doubt in my mind that he will be the next superstar out of the city of Atlanta.