Danny Adams
Danny Adams
10 May 2020

NAV has been all over newsfeeds and social media for the past few days as fans began buzzing about the release of his album Good Intentions. I couldn’t scroll through Twitter or Instagram without seeing at least a couple of posts about his new album, which gave me no choice but to tune in. I honestly wasn’t planning on listening to it just because there’s so much other music out now that I typically would rather spend my time listening to, but then I saw the guests he recruited to assist him on this project and I just couldn’t resist. Future, Travis Scott, Gunna, Lil Uzi, Lil Durk, a few Young Thug additions, and a posthumous Pop Smoke verse are all things I just can’t avoid at this point, so I need to tune in.

In order to get a taste of what I was in for, I checked out the new music video for the album’s second song, which features Young Thug, called “No Debate”. The beat is comprised of some extremely quick hi-hats as well as a smooth, formidable melody, and some punchy, likable drums. NAV begins the song with his verse, starting it out with some braggadocios one-liners that seem to be spoken with minimal emotion, playing up just how extravagantly the rapper lives. His flow remains the same throughout his entire portion, making it feel a bit repetitive, but the autotune on his vocals change the pitch of his voice, keeping it at least a bit palatable without getting too monotonous. The duo shares the hook, so NAV spits the first half and hands it off to Young Thug to finish it off. As he does this Thugger keeps the routine going by delivering an identical flow as his counterpart. As he gets into his verse, he strays away from the path thankfully, showing off his truly abundant skills and impressive talents as he fits right in on this style of production. Moving along throughout the song, both artists talk about things that have to do with their lavish lifestyles like shiny diamonds, penthouses, and beautiful women they always have around them.

As the visual begins, a sort of professionally curated homemade style is clear, making it look like they’re trying to recreate a home video for this boastful offering. Right off the bat, a blurred-out luxury car’s hood ornament can be seen, as well as NAV smoking a blunt as he’s decked out in jewelry and some Louis Vuitton sandals. Thug and NAV link up in what looks to possibly be the Toronto artist’s home, as a night vision filter takes over the screen. A few scenery changes occur throughout, one taking place on NAV’s blacked-out XO basketball court and another outside in front of, and inside, some of his cars. Designer brands can be seen all over as the artists and their crews just flaunt their wealth copiously. When Thug begins his part, he’s holding stacks of hundred dollar bills and shows off his jewelry as well, just leveling up the obviously evident fortune that they both have. Beyond this, the two artists and their crews can be observed just hanging out around the estate, smoking, drinking, and just vibing along to the song as the video runs its course.

If I’m being candid, I don’t really get where all the hype around NAV comes from. I just feel like his flows are never really mind-boggling, and he sounds very similar throughout his plethora of songs, never really trying anything new. I feel like I have to be missing out on something considering the fact that so many massive artists mess with him and include him in their own music, so maybe I just haven’t given him a fair shot yet. I’m going to go into Good Intentions with an open mind and truly give him a chance to impress me, although I’m sure he couldn’t care less what I think because he’s successful regardless. If nothing else, all of the great features he got to join him will keep me entertained at the end of the day. Whether you’ve listened to NAV’s third album or not yet, be sure to check out the extravagant new music video for his song “No Debate”.