Nightmare – [Alex Banin]

Every once in awhile there’s that one song that sticks in your head after you’ve only heard it once or twice. Not in an annoying intrusive way, but in an organic way where the melody just organically makes its way through your ears and imprinted in your brain without you even realizing. Songwriter Alex Banin strikes that careful balance on her latest single, “Nightmare”.

Banin’s songwriting and vocal abilities get their shine on this song over bubbly poppy production from vlush. Despite the lyrics centered on the memories of an ex lingering around, the song elicits this feeling of dancing through heartbreak. The song’s composition builds in intensity in a way that prevents it from getting repetitive, and the harmonic layers of Banin’s naturally raspy voice stack on top of each other, adding a level of emotional intensity that mirrors the production.

Banin’s previous single, “Hollywood (No This Isn’t)”, embodied a more soulful RnB sound, and while “Nightmare” may be a poppier detour, both tracks fit together on an emotional level and suit the Chicago-based artist’s voice in a way that sets her apart. Get familiar with Alex Banin on her new single “Nightmare” below and keep up with her on Instagram here.