nhs – [slowthai]

After making a name for himself as an all-too-eccentric, yet politically and sentimentally-driven prodigy of an act with his debut project Nothing Great About Britain, the ever-profound slowthai has convincingly entered the next telling period of his career with a recent single/video for his new offering “nhs” — and with that a brand new album announcement as well.

That album is the double-disc flaunting Tyron and is set to be released on February 5th, 2021; not only does this mark that aforementioned new light in this already-acclaimed career as we know it, but one that manifests itself in something of a far more personal narrative at its disposal all the same. The UK-standout has promised an album that tackles his conflicting personal life more than the circumstances that surrounded him as he did on his last project, and there could be no better single to represent this conceptual entrance than “nhs” in itself.

The given track takes the promising and entrancing conceptual elements that this album has promised in its announcement and wraps them up ever-so-ideally in this small, but completely resounding package. Leaning more towards the side of self-appreciation rather than any sort of negative aspects that may lie on the opposite end, the track is a sentimental, down-to-earth, and stunningly soulful offering from an act who has already proven to nail the concept of emotional transparency time and time again.

In an age where self-isolation is nothing else but the new normal, both the song and the accompanying video paint vivid pictures of our lockdown-enforced setting and the mental struggles that certainly have come with it since its inception. These themes point towards an even more telling thematic experience once this album is heard in its entirety, and the world can only wait and see how much more nuance this untouchable act may bring with even more tracks to come.