New Drank – [Lucki]

Lucki is one of the most notable figures in the Chicago music scene, and I don’t think anyone would argue with that statement for even a second. He has been in the music game for almost a decade which is impressive considering he’s still relatively young when compared to other notorious figures in the Windy City, and his career is still continuing to skyrocket whether you like it or not. Although his sound has remained fairly similar to the way it was back when he first got his start, his personal plot has thickened and his story has grown deeper and more compelling than ever, and this is something that keeps fans coming back for more as he continues on in his career.

Although he might not be your typical superstar, his cult following never stops growing, and even when he takes small breaks to recompose himself and his narrative, his fans are always going to flock back in hordes because they know exactly what they’re getting with Lucki’s music, and that’s some straight-up hits. Most recently, Lucki came back with another banger entitled “New Drank” which comes equipped with a Lonewolf-directed music video that’s yet another unforgettable addition to his repertoire of sounds, even if it is just a random loosie he put out.

Produced by Flansie, things open up with very ambient, majestic synths that combine with terse, tapping percussion and thunderous 808s for a foundation that we already know Lucki thrives on, but you’ll be surprised once again with just how incredibly skillful he is, even if this song is something you might’ve expected from him. As he goes in, his words drone on and even though he might not put too much enthusiasm or energy into his delivery, his disposition is as captivating and addictive as ever.

Simply put, he has this natural sorrow and pain behind his words that can’t be replicated by anyone else no matter how hard they might try, and this is what makes Lucki’s music so special, as well as something that will keep me coming back for more no matter where I am in my life. Lucki never misses, and his fans would agree with me until they’re blue in the face, making “New Drank” a song and music video pairing that you need to check out immediately.