Never Fail – [Rich Amiri]

I’ve often mentioned how I feel like Boston is such an underrated music town in terms of hip-hop, but the more artists that are arising from the smoke of the popular Massachusetts means the more people have no choice but to pay attention. While it might be known more as a sports city than a music hub, artists like Rich Amiri are definitely putting on for Boston, and it gets me super excited for the future of the city’s local scene.

Although I’m new to Rich’s catalog of music, I was put onto his song “Never Fail” which dropped not too long ago, and as soon as he sang his first note, I knew I was going to be a fan. Produced by John Luther and Malikaix8, they utilize some dreamy, serene synths that just glide before insanely addicting percussion hit the scene and take things up a notch. As Rich sings, his vocals are slightly under annunciated and his voice is a lower octave than most other artists that seem to create a similar sound, but this definitely adds to his individuality.

His voice is just so buttery and relaxing, and while there are definitely some passionate points throughout the track, I feel like his ad-libs do a wonderful job of taking the record to another level thanks to the energy that they provide while also expanding upon his vocal range. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but it appears as if this might be a single off of an upcoming project entitled Chase that may even boast a feature from SSGKobe, and you know if he’s messing with Chase Amiri, then you need to tap in and get familiar with his music repertoire as well.