Within the plethora of new artists that seem to burst into fame every week now, one of the artists that has stuck with me for quite some time now has been Boofboiicy. His commitment to consistency within all of his music is truly second to none, and by plotting on the long game with his talent, I won’t be surprised to continue to watch this rising star head on his steady ascent towards the top as the year goes on. Today, Boofboiicy hits our pages with a project entitled Never Been Average, acting as a compilation of some of the music on his SoundCloud in order to get some music on the streaming platforms. Although these are all past singles, Never Been Average is the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the wave that this Lyrical Lemonade favorite is running right now. After killing it at our SXSW showcase, The Lemonade Stand, the sky is truly the limit for Boofboiicy. So don’t sleep, listen to Never Been Average at the link below!