Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
20 May 2020

Ari Rivera is making his well deserved appearance on our pages today for his song entitled, “Need U”. The track dropped back in March, but I think it’s so important to revisit this beautiful offering by the 18-year-old Mountain View, California native. 

“Need U” is a track that almost everyone will be able to relate to. Somehow Ari has managed to wrap up all of the emotions that come with love, loss and the risk we take when entering relationships. The upbeat yet reflective offering puts all of Ari’s talents on full display. His voice sounds utterly beautiful and the production is the perfect compliment to bring this piece to its fullest amount of life. 

I was able to grab a quote from Ari and he explained that:

“The goal for me is just to create something special. Whether that be as an artist, producer, designer, songwriter, etc. I don’t think I quite know what “special” means yet and I’m still finding my footing, but hopefully I’ll get there some day.”

Ari is an amazing talent and it’s unbelievably shocking when you realize that he’s only been doing this for 3 years. If he continues to progress at this rate then I’m predicting the up and comer will be a notable artist in the years to come! I’ve attached “Need U” down below, so make sure to give it a listen when you get the chance!