need melatonin – [Kody Lavigne]

Although I like to take pride in uncovering promising up-and-coming artists before anyone else, the fact of the matter is that it is quite literally impossible for me to discover everyone. That’s why I often turn to friends, family, and other internet entities to find out who I need to pay attention to early on in their careers. One of my go-to places is almost always the Overcast YouTube channel, because they’re working with some of the most prominent up and comers in this day and age, and without some of their amazing music videos, I would have no idea that some of these massively talented artists existed.

Just the other day, they decided to team up with Kody Lavigne to shoot a music video for his song “need melatonin”, and I was absolutely stunned at the results. Kody was an artist I wasn’t very knowledgeable about prior to this offering, but director Daniel Jordan K always brings the most out of the artists he works with, and Kody’s song undeniably speaks for itself first and foremost. As it opens, Kody and another gentleman wearing a suit as well as a bag on his head can be seen hanging out and running around a rural backdrop, accompanied by cows and all. When the song officially begins and Kody starts to sing the hook, UFOs take over the skies, hovering around and beaming lights at certain objects, dropping off cars and taking cows. As the video progresses, some of the cows’ eyes illuminate with purple beams before Kody’s eyes eventually do the same thing, proving that the intergalactic creatures might just be taking over the entire planet for good.

When it comes down to the simple things in this visual, everything was done in such a clean, perfect way that I have literally not a single complaint. Whether it was transition shots with interesting rustic effects or animated-in UFOs, beams of light, and other edits, everything was done nicely so that it didn’t come off as being cheesy or tacky. It also just accentuated the song itself beautifully because it played up the fast-paced tempo of the track by also incorporating constant quick transitions from shot to shot without overdoing it either. At the end of the day, Kody Lavigne is a star in the making and it’s a matter of time before more people realize this, so make sure you tune in to his latest release “need melatonin” and show him the respect he so truly deserves.