NAVIG8 – [Downtown Kayoto]

I’ve spent almost a whole year on this one perfecting and crafting… carving a space for my music to live and thrive. This is me placing my flag in the ground, claiming my territory and shouting as loud as I can put to the world. It’s a statement, one that’s been backed up with two years of blood sweat and tears” – Dowtown Kayoto 

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe native / Hull, England based artist Downtown Kayoto makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a fantastic debut EP titled NAVIG8. As someone that loves to blur genres, Kayoto executes every single experimental attempt. The six-track project incorporates sounds of indie, alternative, hip-hop, R&B, rock and more, which makes it a real disservice to apply an individual label. No matter the pre-dominant vibe each song is layered with relatable emotions; be them relating to love, hardship or life in general. The title track, “NAVIG8” is accompanied with a Louis Lincoln-Bottcher directed visual, which cinematically explores Dowtown Kayoto’s ambiguity of where to navigate next. As for my personal favorite, “Levi’s 501” is an absolute banger; it’s a fused indie-rock record that would probably sound even better live. Overall, I couldn’t speak about this EP with greater reverence. It’s safe to say that Dowtown Kayoto’s NAVIG8 is easily one of my favorite releases of 2021, and that’s impressive considering the amount of quality my ears have been blessed with. Have a listen for yourself below; I hope you enjoy this thrilling body of work as much as I do!