My Negro Baby – [Gayun Cannon]

Chicago’s own Gayun Cannon makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with an excellent song titled “My Negro Baby.” The track is off her equally impressive EP titled Brown Sugar Baby, which contains five other fantastic songs. I chose this particular record as a standout because it has everything to offer musically. From the vocals to the production and instrumentation, the execution is beautifully met on all fronts. For starters, Gayun’s voice is delicate but also emphatic from a lyrical assessment. Each word is romantically sung with a touch of sultriness through a genuine Black woman’s perspective. “My Negro Baby” is like an emotional canvas that Cannon paints via her own unique  expression. Not to mention, the unmentioned identity of the ‘negro baby’ adds a layer of ambiguity only known personally by the beloved pair. Given that Gayun Cannon is a multi-instrumentalist, the assortment of sounds throughout the track serve as the painting’s colors to finalize the masterpiece. An epic electric guitar, shakers, an electronic keyboard, drum percussion and of course an appealing melody all seamlessly mesh with the artist’s affectionate voice to create one masterful offering. Listen to “My Negro Baby” off Gayun Cannon’s new EP Brown Sugar Baby below!