My City – [Rarin]

Rarin isn’t your normal everyday college student. Or actually, he might be because it’s so many kids who are musicians out there today. Regardless you should press play on his newest single entitled “My City.” When I first played this it threw me off but for some odd reason, I liked it. It was mainly because Rarin was sing in the key of the famous “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Charles and I’ve never really heard that in a rap song with 808s before. The beat which was produced by AyoWhit is also pretty interesting which the piano is used as the melody. I guess I say that because it’s not really a generic melody, the 808s are pretty standard but that’s so instrumental isn’t overproduced. This is the second time I’ve covered Rarin and although he could be more consistent from track to track he’s normally able to catch my attention with different records. I believe if he keeps honing his sound he’ll carve out a nice lane for himself in music.

Stream Rarin’s new single “My City” after the break.