My Bruddas – [Lil Gnar] ft. [Yung Bans]

I have been waiting for quite some time to announce the fact that it’s finally Lil Gnar season, and while I’m not completely sure if this is the case or not 100%, I have a very good feeling about it considering he has been dropping super consistently recently. Not only has he been posting very regularly, but he has also been releasing nothing but hits which isn’t a new concept to him, but it just blows my mind how he can remain so fire every single time.

While his song “No Switches” that released a week or two ago is an undeniable heater, his latest release “My Bruddas” with Yung Bans is even more up my alley cause Bans is one of my other favorite emcees out right now, and he always makes songs even better than ever when he’s included. This one even comes fully equipped with a Highdeas-directed visual that is absolutely incredible, but the KP BEATZ-produced record has me more captivated than anything.

This one reminds me somewhat of a rage beat that you might’ve been hearing about taking over the underground recently, but there is this optimistic, friendly, and airy feel that is unbelievably addicting. Gnar crushes things as always, filling every single second with individuality and energy without ever allowing even a single second to become stale.

I love this because when Bans comes in with his much more laid back, nonchalant delivery that is always captivating, you see the best of both worlds and realize that no matter how chill or hype either of these emcees can get, you know they’re going to be at the top of their game. This is why “My Bruddas” needs to be added to your playlist as soon as you finish reading this, and once you listen, you’ll understand exactly why I feel this way!