Mrs. Whoever – [Saba]

Whether you’re from the suburbs of Chicago as I am, the city itself, or anywhere else in the world, it’s not a hard task to love Saba’s music. He started out strong so many years ago and has only gotten better with time, and his music ages wonderfully as well. I can’t help but revisit all of his past albums, especially Care For Me, and other than a few random guest spots on other artists’ songs, he has been relatively elusive for the past couple of years. Although this stinks from a fan’s perspective, it means that when he comes back, he’s coming back with some big moves, and luckily, I think today’s the day that these moves begin to take shape.

To kick things off, Saba fired off a variety of mysterious Tweets that alluded to fans cracking some sort of code to get early access to his brand-new song “Mrs. Whoever”, but whether you were able to get to the bottom of things and solve the case or not, the song and accompanying music video are thankfully in our hands now. Spaced out, emotive guitar strums along with pitched-up background vocals begin to pave the way for the Chicago emcee before chattering hats and pungent drums enter into the scene and provide a nice bounce to the track.

As he begins to rap as soon as the beat drops, he delivers some very quick, mashed together bars that he gives time to breathe after bringing each bar to a close, separating them from one another and allowing them to linger in your mind for a moment before repeating the same flow. This lasts for the first few lines, but he soon switches to a more smooth, melodious cadence where he stretches out certain notes without completely breaking out and full-on singing. His flows switch in the blink of an eye, and although this shouldn’t come as a surprise after all the incredible music he has put out in the past, it never fails to baffle my mind as I marvel at how special of a talent Saba truly is.

For the Chorus, he opts for a much more melodic delivery, singing his words as additional layers of vocals come in at the end of each bar, emphasizing the rhyme of each and every line. He begins to spit hastily once again in the second verse, but instead of using a traditional flow, he takes the instrumental and makes it his own, bending his words together to create an incredible rhyme scheme that just plays seamlessly with the production. As he takes us throughout this track, Saba mentions topics such as struggling with changes in his life that come with fame, not allowing this notoriety to go to his head, and how often times he wishes things could just be normal again, even though he’s still appreciative of the life his success in music has been able to give him.

The clean visual opens as Saba closes a portable cassette player and begins to listen to the song he has brought to life. He makes his way around some sort of greenhouse that is filled to capacity with countless plants as he dances and seems to vibe out alone to the track. The way he acts throughout the entire visual comes off as if he’s alone with his thoughts and no one else is around to bother him. You get the impression that this is a way of him clearing his mind and he’d do it regardless of if the camera was there recording him or not. Another setting shows him in front of some sort of hill where he gets slightly more expressive but still seems to remain introspective as if he’s the only person in existence. As the second verse begins and he spits his line about people never hitting him up, the beat stops, and the red rotary phone that was seen in his aforementioned tweets begins to ring. After a few dial tones, he reaches for it and hangs it up, emphasizing the point he’s making throughout his lyrics. Eventually, the final setting we’re introduced to is what looks to be a railroad car that Saba is hanging out of. It’s here where we catch our final glimpse of the emcee as the song comes to a close before he gets up and walks out of frame.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Saba’s work, not only because of the soulful nature that is typically present but also because of the individualistic cadences he uses and the emotional, passionate messages he shares in each and every track he releases. They always go so much deeper than the surface which isn’t easy to find in the current state of Hip-Hop, so the fact that he’s doing this without having to try and revive a previously popular style of Rap in order to get these narratives out to listeners is notable and commendable, to say the least. His abundance of talent is incredible considering he can sing and rap flawlessly, and the more he has experimented, the further his artistic archives have expanded. Although there’s no way of predicting what’s to come next from Saba, I can only hope that this song is about to kick off a slew of new releases from the incredible Chicago icon. As for now, refamiliarize yourself with the incredibly talented artist known as Saba and the music video for his brand-new track “Mrs. Whoever”.