Danny Adams
Danny Adams
9 Jul 2020

New York has always been one of the main hubs for Rap music, and they’ve set some of the most massive trends in the entire industry for decades at this point. Although some people think that it isn’t the same place it once was in terms of music, the newer generation of artists thinks otherwise. Obviously, people like Joey Bada$$, Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay, and more all have different styles and characteristics, but they all make some of the greatest music out right now. I found out about another NYC emcee, Fivio Foreign, through his work with Pop and I’ve been a fan ever since. Young M.A., although she’s been in the scene for quite some time now, I have honestly paid less attention to, but I do understand exactly how talented she is as well.

Although this duo’s song “Move Like a Boss” came out last month, they decided to team up and shoot a music video, thankfully. First and foremost, the song itself begins with production comprised of an angelic choir singing mixed with heartfelt piano keys. Eventually, chattering percussion and banging 808s enter into the instrumental and create an up-tempo foundation that is right along the lines of some newly beloved New York Drill music, which is a style that these two artists are all too familiar with. Fivio comes in for the first verse, and his flow compliments the off-kilter rhythm of the beat seamlessly. There’s an energy and a ferociousness behind his words that just comes naturally to him, adding elements to the song that can’t be engineered or added in later. As Young M.A. comes in for her verse, the beat pauses and restarts a few times as she follows suit, making sure that her presence is abundantly known. As she continues on, her personality just shines through, matching the aggressiveness of her counterpart but she also brings new energy to the table as well. Additionally, she utilizes some extremely lively ad-libs and onomatopoeias in the background to transcend her portion to new heights. The lyrics follow along with the hostile ambiance in the song, mentioning themes of violence, handling situations on their own, and how they cause chaos every chance they get.

When it comes to the music video, we are taken to some of the grungier, more ruthless parts of the Drill scene in New York, and the tour is piloted by these two rappers. Starting out, we see the two artists surrounded by their crews in certain scenes while other scenes show the duo on their own, standing in front of a graffiti-strewn wall. As the song begins to build, both artists show off their abundant plethora of jewelry including grills, watches, rings, and of course, chains. There’s a portion of the video where one of the people who was hanging with them seemed to do something wrong, so the tag team’s group decided to pick this guy up and dispose of him off-camera. While the previously mentioned settings are the main two places that are shown, both artists can also be briefly seen in and around a couple of luxurious cars as they hold stacks of cash and show off their wealth. Other than this, the two rappers keep things fairly simple as they dance around, drink, and smoke blunts with their crews.

Although there’s nothing completely out of the ordinary when it comes to the music video, it does a nice job of portraying the grittier side of New York Rap music and it fits the vibe of the song pretty perfectly. While it’s beyond sad still to this day that Pop Smoke’s life was taken way too soon, Fivio Foreign also knows how to keep the Drill scene thriving for many years to come, so I believe he’ll continue doing a great job of keeping the genre alive and well. Young M.A. has this ruthless characteristic within her personality to just fits flawlessly on a song like this, so it only makes sense why Fivio recruited her for this track. Fivio has also been teasing the possibility of an album on the way and although it’s inevitable at this point, there’s no confirmation as far as a title is concerned from what I’ve seen. While we await more information regarding a possible project, it’s in your best interest to peep the brand-new visual for Fivio Foreign and Young M.A.’s record “Move Like a Boss”.