Mountain – [KWAMZAY]

It’s been a minute since we last heard from the dual coast duo KWAMZAY, but this month the two hip-hop prodigies make their long-awaited return with Mountain – their sophomore mixtape. Comprised of New Jersey-born rapper Kwame Adu and LA-via-Sacramento producer ZAYALLCAPS, Mountain is the latest offering from a duo caught in the wake of overnight success. Following the release of their debut project Motherland! earlier last year, Kwame and ZAY have seen viral TikTok success, stamps of approval from the platform’s most decorated curators, and even a spot opening for MAVI late last year. Despite the influx of attention and opportunity, Mountain sees the duo delivering their most focused offering yet – a five-track mixtape that bleeds undeniable charm and charisma from Kwame Adu and ZAY.

If you missed Motherland! last year, worry not as Mountain is the perfect place to start becoming a fan of one of hip-hop’s most soulful upcoming acts. Fans of sample-laden and wordplay-heavy hip-hop like Earl Sweatshirt, Armand Hammer and Moor Mother are sure to gravitate towards KWAMZAY – as all acts are instilled with a deep spiritual reverence for the genre’s past, present, and future. While “Peanuts” and “Get Like You” showcase Kwame and ZAY flexing their affinity for poetic writing and sampling, cuts like “Citrus” demonstrate a versatility from both young artists. Kwame Adu’s meditative and earnest flow shines over a mix whose downtempo transience suggests that there’s something more than meets the eye with KWAMZAY’s work. This is not just another stop on Mountain‘s five-track journey, it’s KWAMZAY showing off another style that they can innovate upon while still paying homage to those who came before them. Before the duo end the project joined by Young Wabo on “2 No End”, “I’m Still Alive” serves as a dreamy and nostalgic DnB interlude that reminds me of late nights playing Sonic on my friend’s Gamecube.

Though I’m thrilled that Kwame Adu and ZAYALLCAPS decided to collaborate again on their newest mixtape Mountain, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already a little hungry for more KWAMZAY tracks. With more music on the way from both of them, including a project from singer/producer ZAYALLCAPS, it seems like only a matter of time until we’re all celebrating the next KWAMZAY release. Until then, you can catch me spinning “Peanuts” while gazing longingly at my calendar.

Check out “Peanuts” off Mountain below: