Motivation and improvement are the names of the game right now for Chicago-bred artist, Lucki. Throughout 2018, he’s been taking over headlines with several standout singles and the replay-worthy EP, Days Before II, and now, the budding star is here to take over our pages once again with his latest track, “More Than Ever”. Produced by CHASETHEMONEY, this song pairs two incredibly promising talents with one another to make for a remarkably focused offering. Lucki speeds over the glassy instrumentation with lines about his determination toward success as well as the lessons he is able to learn from pain (“I know she ain’t loyal, but she made me better”), and as a result, “More Than Ever” comes across as an anthem of reflection for 2018, recapping the highs and lows with one everlasting commonality: that these moments can help us become better.

Be sure to stream this one on Spotify at the link below and get ready for 2019, as Lucki is sure to keep the hits coming!