Moon Dragon – [Lush Fleece]

Making their Lyrical Lemonade debut today is a group whose music has been in my rotation heavy as of late, and I cannot believe I didn’t find them sooner. It is my pleasure to introduce the groovy, pop-neo soul style of Vancouver-based duo Lush Fleece. My first introduction to their music was their single “don’t take back your love,” a lavishly orchestrated production with an emotional weight that is undeniable. The artist-producer duo’s latest release, however, a ten-song mixtape titled Moon Dragon, is an immersive experience filled with moments of minimalistic and grandly intricate layers of production, an array of manipulated vocal deliveries, and lyrics that boast, beg, apologize and profess. The project unfolds with the quick breath of its opener, “Cyclone,” then the love-intoxicated sway of “Saturn,” eventually landing on what feels like the project’s fixture, “don’t take back your love 2.” The continuation of the previously released single is just as moving as its predecessor while simultaneously setting up the remainder of the project with its more pace-driven “Halle Barry.” Lush Fleece inches closer to the project’s conclusion in their  friend-zone questioning, “Friends” a bop-inducing groove that bears the question, “do you wanna be my boo? tell me what you want from me?” The finale of Moon Dragon comes in the form of “selfish lover” an introspective ballad about hardened love and its effect. After 22-minutes of immersion its pretty clear, Lush Fleece creates a tangible atmosphere and I highly recommend you experience it.

Listen to Moon Dragon by Lush Fleece below.