Especially when infused into music, there’s something mesmeric of the theme of nighttime. Maybe it’s the utter peace of the nighttime, the reflective thought that occurs after hours, or just its relaxing connotation, but regardless of what it is, there’s something there, and it’s beautiful. Today, translating this utter beauty into a hypnotic offering of her own, Camilla Covington is here with a new song entitled “Moon” alongside STRQ.

Upon first listen, the smooth structure and pace of the vocals were what locked me in right off the bat. However, after I heard the inclusion of the steel drums in this one, the song took on an added breath of energy, perfectly leading into a refreshing slew of moon-minded lyrics from Covington. Admittedly, “Moon” is something else — it’s weird, but it works, and more than anything, it captures a certain feeling that is difficult to put into words but quite beautiful to put into sound.

That said, especially considering that this is a live version of the song, “Moon” is a must-listen. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!