Moody! – [Jean Deaux] ft. [Saba]

Although it’s a false claim, a lot of people only recognize Chicago for its vast drill music scene and fail to appreciate the rest of the multifaceted artists who hail from the beautiful city. There are so many different sounds and styles coming out of the city itself as well as surrounding areas, piecing together one of the most underrated places for music in my opinion. Everyone always looks at Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York as the main hubs for not only Rap but music in general, while Chicago is producing some of the most incredible artists in the entire industry. Now, I might be biased because I live so close to the windy city, but fans across the country would most likely agree with me and my opinion.

A perfect example is Jean Deaux, who has been making moves in the scene for quite some time now. Her mixture of R&B, Neosoul, and Rap sounds piece seamlessly together, bringing a style of music to life as it has never existed before. Saba also pairs well into this category considering his lyrical abilities paired with some unbelievable production and a knack for rapping brings his music to new levels that I never even dreamt could be so appealing. Although they’ve worked together on music before, thankfully they’re back for Jean’s first single of this year called “Moody!”.

Hollow, futuristic synths, rattling percussion, and booming 808s create a unique, fast-paced sound that is uncharacteristic of the normally relaxed and chill Chi-town artist. Her voice on the first verse is as smooth as can be, sounding slightly spacey as she calmly recites her lyrics in a very alluring and intricate manner. On the hook, she layers her voice and gets very animated with her ad-libs, almost making it sound like she’s having a conversation with herself. She talks about many topics in such an intriguing fashion, using similes and metaphors to include things like gangs, how it’s her time to shine, and her icy diamonds. Saba comes in for the second verse, demonstrating a complicated cadence in a similar way to that of Jean’s part. At the end of his part, he chops up certain bars and catches up with spitfire words that flow perfectly on the bouncy instrumental. He also takes a creative approach to his lyrical content while mentioning topics like always eating good, figuratively and literally, getting money legally, and how he and his counterpart are absolute heavy hitters which is evident from this track alone.

Although this song is a lot quicker and gives off a different vibe than they typically deliver, it’s a banger without a doubt in my mind. Both artists bring their masterful lyrical abilities to pair ever so well with an already incredible beat, so it has all the makings for a hit. I also enjoyed this song, even more, considering it shows how dynamic they can be on a new and uncharacteristic production style for them, proving to everyone that they really are some of the most talented artists in Chicago. If this track doesn’t make you bob your head and make you want to get up and move, I have no clue what will. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy Jean Deaux and Saba’s more soulful music or not, “Moody!” is sure to please your eardrums so you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic new offering.