Mood Swings-[Annie Green]

Calgary artist, Annie Green might just be the sweetest soul I’ve had the opportunity to come across in recent history. What intrigued me completely was her music, but what wholeheartedly hooked me was her amazing personality and gentle spirit. Today, the up and coming singer/songwriter is making an appearance on our page for the release of her song, “Mood Swings”. The offering that dropped about two weeks ago is truly receiving amazing reviews and great reactions as it’s been featured on a few of Spotify’s most coveted playlist. A feat they was achieved by the music just being amazing.

Annie started her music career by singing country music. She found a bit of notoriety after posting Taylor Swift covers on YouTube; her following eventually grew which has given her the confidence to release music today. Her newest song, “Mood Swings” might just be the most impressive song I’ve heard by her to date. I asked Annie about the process of creating this one and she explained that she’s been listening to a lot of folk music lately which empowered her to write the song similar to storytelling more than anything shes’s written in the past.

“When I wrote it, I was just imagining…I wrote it as a verse first, pre chorus then chorus; which made the song feel like a story.”

On top of that, I was also able to ask Annie what the song was about and she shared:

“The song is about not knowing where you stand with somebody and going back and forth between I love them and they don’t love me or I don’t love them but they maybe love me…each verse is slow and fast and goes back and forth between the two to represent a roller coaster of emotions.”

The way that Annie created this song has truly proven to work for her benefit! An emotion driven track that connects with listeners is the final result and I’m so blessed to bring it on our pages. “Mood Swings” is available everywhere! Listen now!