Money on the Phone – [Derek Minor]

Since artists are getting back on the road and making appearances again, it’s almost certain that every artist’s phone is blowing up with tons of calls and texts from all directions. Whether that be from future brand deals, bookings, and all, there is nothing wrong with being selective about what calls are going to be picked up and which ones are going to be ignored. For Derek Minor, his point has been made pretty clear that he is not here for the chitter-chatter. Today, he is premiering his latest video for his single “Money on the Phone“.

“Please don’t hit my line unless it’s money on the phone” he raps during the chorus, making his point loud and clear that he is only here for the bag talk and nothing else. Produced by EP collaborators and producers Thicc James and Greg James, this triumphant record brings certain energy out that is unmatched, and the visuals accompany that feeling of living large, just as the song implies. Derek is seen lounging around a vintage-themed home in a silk robe and Gucci slides, and if this doesn’t scream wealth and comfortability, then I don’t know what else does!

Watch the visuals for Derek Minor’s “Money on the Phone” below!