Money Maker – [2 Chainz] ft. [Lil Wayne]

Considering I’ve been basically obsessed with the newer generation of talented musicians, I sometimes forget that some of the originators and trendsetters within the industry still make music. Although I’m not nearly as familiar with 2 Chainz’s music as I used to be, I still have respect for the Rap veteran because he has undoubtedly paved a way for artists to come in and make a name for themselves. Lil Wayne is obviously a legend as well and he’s included on so many fans’ list of top artists, so he’ll always have respect when he hops on a song no matter what. Clearly, these two talents are no strangers to one another considering they’ve not only collaborated many times in the past, but they even have a collaborative album under their belts in Collegrove. As they gear up for this project’s follow-up sequel, the two reunited to gift fans with a new song called “Money Maker” and an animated lyric video to accompany it.

As the beat begins, angelic, proud horns play to create an interesting melody prior to tapping hats, booming drums, and playful xylophone hits entering into the scene progressively. 2 Chainz shows off such a laid back, unphased demeanor as he begins to recite not only the intro but the hook as well. In the introduction, he shouts out some southern universities as to pair with the college marching band vibe that the instrumental boasts. His hook is not overly in-depth or detailed, but it’s kind of catchy and I can see it getting stuck in your head if you happen to listen to this track more than once.

As he gets into his verse, his lyrics are segmented up and he allows for brief moments to let these lines breathe before coming in for a similar delivery. In no way, shape, or form is this verse displaying 2 Chainz at the top of his game whatsoever, but it seems as if he’s just having fun with it and not really trying to impress people with any sort of rapid cadences or detailed rhythms because he’s done than many times already in the past. In all honesty, his verse lasts a bit longer than I would have liked because he doesn’t switch his delivery up at all, and it lulls on even more because it boasts the same rhythm as the hook as well. I just feel like this gets slightly monotonous and it doesn’t really do anything to add to 2 Chainz’s storied legacy in the industry.

When Wayne comes in, he adds some much-needed freshness to the offering, but even his verse doesn’t necessarily impress me right off the bat. He provides some quicker bars, autotune, and onomatopoeias to the track which helps to rejuvenate the regularity that was going on before, but it’s definitely not showing Weezy at the top of his game either. As he moves on, though, he begins to sing a bit more and put his vocal effects to good use, adding some variety and a change of pace that brings this song to a newer level that makes it more tolerable than before. As these artists make their way throughout the song, they’re basically paying tribute and praising women and their physical features, referring to their butts as money makers and using a plethora of sexual innuendos to get their point across. The lyric video isn’t overly impressive either, as both rappers are shown in their cartoon forms inside a football stadium while a band pops in and out of the picture, and other items mentioned in their lyrics pop onto the screen for brief moments.

I went into this song hoping for the best even though I know that I might not have gotten that, and I was honestly pretty let down. I don’t think 2 Chainz really does anything to bring new life into this song and rather just kind of repeatedly uses the same sound over and over which gets old fairly quickly. I think Wayne is the only saving grace, but even moments of his verse don’t stand out very much even if other portions do. Considering this is supposed to be the lead single from Collegrove 2, I see the theme of college through the beat and some of the subject matter, but I honestly hope they’re saving a lot better music for the project itself because if not, that might end up being a skip without even wasting any time attempting to listen to it. I’m going to keep an open mind moving forward, however, and I hope newer developments come out that make me more excited for the project’s eventual release. As for now, check out “Money Maker” by 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne if you want to see for yourself.