Mom’s Whiskey – [Marlon Craft] ft. [Kota The Friend]

If there is anything certain about New York City, it is that hip-hop will always remain pivotal no matter what. Such a statement is illustrated through the presence of Marlon Craft, an emcee representing Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Marlon’s rap style often incorporates advanced wordplay and witty lyricism, with poetic verses over golden era boom-bap beats. Along with his technical proficiency in rapping, Craft’s ability to craft (pun intended) an addictive chorus not only increases the replay value of his own songs, but enhances his versatility and capability as a feature artist. Notable artists and producers that Marlon has collaborated with include Dizzy Wright, Pro Era’s Nyck Caution, Statik Selektah, Black Milk, Bodega Bamz, Termanology, and Kota The Friend. My introduction to Marlon was through his phenomenal debut studio album, Funhouse Mirror, (2019) but I highly recommend browsing his entire catalog; notably, a project entitled The Tunnel’s End. Before Marlon emerged from the underground scene, much of his following was earned through impressive freestyles, cyphers, and appearances on World Emcee, previously known as ‘TEAMBACKPACK.’ For reference, peep a super dope cypher from 2017 consisting of Marlon, Radamiz, and Angelo Mota to gain a sense of Marlon’s upbringing and work ethic to reach where he is today.

Despite the ongoing epidemic, Marlon’s activity has not declined one bit, announcing that a new project is on the way in the comment section of his latest music video for the song “Mom’s Whiskey,” featuring Kota The Friend. The record is very smooth and expressive, where Marlon openly reveals that he has been drinking his mother’s whiskey, resulting in insomnia, sadness, regret, loneliness, and other emotions/issues. The opening line of Marlon’s first verse is simultaneously lighthearted and revealing, as he likens his emotions to the embarrassing state of the New-York Knicks: “I been feeling like the Knicks now / had to sacrifice last year to try and land a pick now.” Following Marlon’s verse, the track is perfectly transitioned with Kota’s feature, in which he delivers his signature mellow flow with happier subject matter. Kota’s first lines are much more positive in contrast to Marlon’s, as he states: “Sun is coming shining above us and it’s a good day.” Moreover, the recently released music video for the this track is very heartwarming, as Marlon and Kota exchange their verses via FaceTime with one another. Marlon sips whiskey to remain on brand, but the highlight of the video is at the very end, where Craft’s mom makes an appearance! Marlon Craft is an artist that already has an excellent resume, but I cannot wait to hear and see what’s next in line for him. As for Kota the Friend, keep yourself updated with his upcoming album Everything, which is currently set for a May 8th release. Watch the music video for “Mom’s Whiskey,” the latest single from Marlon Craft, featuring Kota The Friend below!

Words by Brandon Washington