Authentic and in a lane of her own words that I can definitely use to summarize when speaking on behalf of the New Jersey-native rapper/singer 070 Shake. Most of the world began to become hip to her music from her features on Kanye West’s ye album, and her vocals on Pusha T’sDaytona album as well. Since her signing to G.O.O.D. Music, fans have been waiting eagerly for a full-length release from her. She has been growing tremendously since I first discovered her shortly after the release of her Glitter EP, so it’s been nothing less than amazing to see the amount of progression I have seen in not only her vocal capabilities, but her creativity as well. About a week ago, she released the first single “Guilty Conscience“–an 80s-themed, synth-heavy track about her catching her significant other in the act of sleeping around–all while her hiding the same situation happening to her and watching karma work its ways. As soon as I heard this track, I told myself that if there was anything like this on the album, then I’d be all in. Turns out, her album delivered much more of this and then some–that album being Modus Vivendi.

The title derives from a Latin term which translates to a “way of life”–and after listening to this project, the title seems very fitting to the subject matter of the album. Love, pain, and everything in between–Shake utilizes her crooning autotune vocals to bleed passion and pure emotion over each and every track. Reminiscent of the album cover, lots of the production on this album is very futuristic, which is what I believe sets her far above many other artists who may do a similar style of harmonizing that she does. There’s just something about Shake that puts her lightyears beyond her peers, for she can’t be categorized nor marginalized to one genre of music. “Rocketship” seems to carry very heavy influence from Kid Cudi, and “Daydreamin” feels like a callback to an earlier Yeezus-era Kanye. 070 Shake hopped in a time machine and jumped years ahead of us, and she came back with Modus Vivendi as the end result.