Danny Adams
Danny Adams
25 Jun 2020

When it comes to making a name for yourself in the music industry independently without the help of any major labels or anything of that nature, it takes a degree of grit, determination, and patience. The grind can never be easy, especially when you’re putting out some of the most unique and impressive music in the entire world and people continue to sleep. This is somewhat the case for 909Memphis, who has been constantly and tirelessly working towards getting his shot at fame and fortune because he knows it’s going to happen eventually, but he’s trying his best to expedite the process as much as possible. This is where the patience characteristic that I mentioned before comes into play because he’s not worried and he’s just going to keep making music by his own rules and consistently releasing quality songs and videos. His one-off style has already captured the ears of many underground music fans and his fanbase continues to grow but one of these days, something is just going to click with the rest of the world and he’s going to blow up, mark my words.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Virginia talent, you’ll probably be caught off guard by just how different Memphy’s voice is, but it’s going to give you no choice but to pay attention and it’ll most likely pique your interest as it did mine years ago when I first found out about him. Sure, you can and should go back and listen to his vast archive of previously released music, but why not start with his most recent offering “Misunderstanding”? The production on this song is built through smooth, dreamy, and somewhat wistful synths paired with spread out, simplistic percussion, to begin with, before a sort of pan flute comes into play a little later on in the track. The beat is pretty minimal yet appealing, as are most of 909’s instrumental selections because with a voice as uncharacteristic as his, anything more intricate might just be too overwhelming for some listeners.

As he begins to sing, his words are rushed but it’s done intentionally to flow perfectly over the production. As he continues on, he holds out certain notes as other lines start up, causing the previous line to collide with his next bar, giving it some momentum and keeping the rhythm going. I feel like every time I write about a Memphy song, I mention how it’s a bit tough to understand his lyrics themselves. Although that might be the case, his words almost come off as if he’s humming and the melodies he creates are just so carefree and relaxed that it appears as if nothing can bother the singer, even though he does often mention relationship troubles and other stressful situations that occur within his life. As for this track, some of the lyrics I can decipher mention coming up from the bottom, wanting recognition and wealth for all of his hard work, and once again, the ramblings of some of the lucky ladies in his life.

The young talent even dropped off a brand-new music video for this appealing single as well, so you can get a feel for his visual aesthetic which is pretty much just as unique as his musical style. For this visual, Memphy takes us to what appears to be some sort of school or building of sorts as he hangs out around the premises. While he might be flexing his Kia as some mainstream rappers might flex a Ferrari, it’s only a matter of time before he trades this modest car in for something much more extravagant, and looking back at his humble beginnings will be a treat in and of itself. As he makes his way around the property, he recites his lyrics and dances along to them while edits and effects seem to embellish some of the lights, making certain colors pop and become oversaturated during specific moments. In all honesty, there’s nothing extremely flashy or over the top about this video, but 909’s personality is bold on its own, so he brings a unique vibe and energy to the video even without all the bells and whistles.

There’s no denying that 909Memphis has a sound unlike anyone else in the music industry. Although it might be completely off the walls, it has always stuck out to me and has kept me returning for more every single time he drops new content. In the past, he has done everything from club anthems, to love songs, to heartfelt ballads, and everything in between, so I’m definitely aware of his diversity and it’s one of the things I appreciate most about the Virginia-based artist. It seems like recently he’s been going harder than ever to make a name for himself and it’s remarkable to see just how impressive his offerings continue to be. I’m hoping that with all of the singles and videos he has been releasing we’re going to catch wind of some sort of project, but that’s all up in the air as far as I know right now. “Misunderstanding” will either impress some of Memphy’s current fans or turn the heads of some prospective fans, so give it a listen and check out the visual as soon as you get the chance.