Missing Person – [Braxton Knight]

Sometimes it takes even the simplest reminder to make a statement as a tried and true purveyor of a certain genre, scene, and all-around community. Those three concepts are all things that Braxton Knight has come to encapsulate and be at the forefront of all the same in regards to the modern state of both hip-hop and pop alike, and practically every single track he releases comes to reflect that notion in full.

Though these tracks can vary in their brevity, magnitude, and even influence by themselves, they all serve as examples to the overarching fact that this is one of the most important, integral, and all-too-impactful single figures of our day when considering how the modern Internet-based music scene behind him has come to shape since his earliest offerings.

If there were to be a clear-cut and wholly singular example of these sentiments put on their fullest yet most digestible display to this point, look no further than his latest single offering “Missing Person.” Spanning a minute and a half in length without a single sonic break in sight, this is a track that not only confirms these aforementioned claims, but also serves as one of the most tellingly dense listens of the entire year for a song at this length.

Braxton glistens and soars over this appropriately-delivered instrumental by Odel, as their atmospheric and awe-inspiring beatwork provides the main figure here with the utmost ideal setting to cement these statements in full. To say he comes to do exactly that with all the grace in the world would be a complete and utter understatement.

His always-enigmatic and exciting vocal tones never let up for a single second during the entire experience here, and they also serve to adequately complement the solemn yet nearly-manic lyrics that he comes through with. These themes of confusion and desolation are delivered just as the instrumental would like to ask for — matching its rapid pace and glorious sounds with a delivery that is just as gleaming, and words that are just as expressive and expeditious.

What ends up becoming the resulting product is another exceptional offering into a discography that certainly could not ask for much more; although knowing the ever-pervasive and creative force that we are dealing with here, adding onto his already-cemented legacy is something that seems to come naturally every single go around.