Millions – [Matty Wood$] [chrisclay]

St. Louis rapper Matty Wood$ and Atlanta producer chrisclay are both back in our pages today with their new collaborative song and visual for their track “Millions” that released today. Wood$ is determined to be the pickiest smoker in the game right now, putting you down if you didn’t know to exactly what is going on with weed prices and “exotic” proclaiming “If it’s Za imma buy it, if its not 75 and up then I don’t want to try it,” which is a statement that will make your traditional old-head OG smoker have an aneurism, or the immensely relatable line “Make a bitch re-roll the ‘Wood I need it just how I like it,” which honestly relieved me because I feel trifling when I do that. About halfway through the track chrisclay switches the instrumental up, toying with the track’s pace bar-to-bar and occasionally incorporating a digitized melody that is punctuated by the off-kilter bells that are a staple now in both Atlanta and Detroit production. This song is off chrisclay’s Dr. Clay 2021 mixtape that released just last month and featured collaborations with many of underground music’s top names right now, as well as artists that will surely be new faces to our readers that are dope as well. NightRunner held down the visual aspects and clearly has a great chemistry with Matty Wood$ and it shows in their videos. If you smoke weed, chances are you are going to find Matty Wood$ hilarious and find that a lot of the times he raps what you had already thought dozens of times.