Million Dollar Plan – [Jay Brick]

In the game we witness today, tons of rappers speak on the journey to success and how you get there. No matter what path you may take to get there, the end result will always look the same. There’s no right or wrong path to success, as we have seen in the vast amount of careers we have seen take off over the years. Georgia-native Jay Brick recently released his album Motivational Speech, and one of the stellar cuts from that album would have to be his single “Million Dollar Plan”. Making his debut on our feeds, Jay Brick is dropping off the visuals for his rise-to-fame album cut, “Million Dollar Plan”.

Lots of rappers can relate to that feeling of obtaining their first thousand dollar bag, or ten thousand dollar bag from music. For Jay Brick, he raps about what to do when you achieve that bag, and how you can make it stretch and flip it to make it last. In this GreyDP directed visual, Jay Brick raps throughout the city as he gives his game plan for his rise to the top. Jay is an interesting artist that I recently discovered, and he has full bodies of work in his discography which I’m super excited to dig into. For now, check out the visuals for his latest single “Million Dollar Plan” below!