Michael – [Remi Wolf]

Although she is so different, unique, and out of the realm of most of the music I personally tend to listen to, Remi Wolf is seriously one of my favorite musicians in the current generation of music. In fact, I think that what I like so much about her is the very fact that she is so unapologetically herself, and this keeps me beyond enthralled with her incredible talents and inventive approaches to the music-making process.

When she released her debut album Juno not too long ago, she further cemented herself into the spotlight, but I think that this was already pretty obvious due to a North American headlining tour, more than one billion global streams, and plenty of other incredibly applaudable achievements.

Well, the fun has just begun because she announced the deluxe version of Juno is set to release on June 3rd, celebrating this with a much slower, more grungy single called “Michael”, and although it’s a much different vibe from the rest of her album, this one is still just as addicting and enthralling as the rest of the already existing records on her debut effort. In a press release with this announcement and track, Remi shared some words on “Michael” as well as the Haley Appell-directed music video that comes alongside the song:

“I wrote ‘Michael’ with my friends Aaron Maine (known as the artist, Porches) and Jack DeMeo. It was me and Aaron’s first time working together, and we had both just gotten back from a wild trip to Miami, so that energy carried over into the session. We wrote 3 songs that day, but ‘Michael’ really stood out to us. When I was writing the song, I was just free-styling and letting words fall out. The meaning has come to me now after a couple months. The song paints a picture of a manic and obsessed woman who craves the high she gets from Michael’s attention and is willing to delve deep into a masochistic toxic pit to get it. I wanted the video to really paint a picture of this lady running around the city trying to find Michael. We filmed run and gun style in Argentina while I was on tour there, it was a bit of a whirlwind, which in the end added to the mania of the video.”

Obviously, I couldn’t explain this record or its paired visual any better than Remi herself, so make sure you tun in as soon as you get the chance as we wait for the deluxe version of Juno to fall into our laps.