Atlanta natives, Mal & Quill return with a new video and project to close out 2018.  Their new video for “Miami” was released today alongside their second project of the year, Blessed Lil Bastards 3. Featuring a cameo from their mentor, Atlanta living legend Gucci Mane, Mal & Quill hop on a yacht to cruise the coast of Miami. The duo shares an undeniable chemistry not only sonically but through their complimentary cadences and individual skill as MC’s. The Spanish guitar-led track is perfectly embodied in the cinematic new video that also showcases the charismatic nature of the tightly-knit pair. Don’t sleep on Mal & Quill as they no doubt have their fingers on the pulse of stardom and will undoubtedly will be setting their sights on a big 2019. Watch the new video from the Zone 6 duo below and tell us what you think in the comment section!