MIA – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is a young superstar who we are massive fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, we worked with him in the past on “Calabasas”, and today he is back with a new LL-directed music video for “MIA”. This record has been teased on SSGKobe’s social media accounts a few different times in the past and it’s been a wildly requested track from his growing fanbase, it needed the perfect visual to compliment the audio, and that’s precisely what we received. One area that SSGKobe excels is with his gift to make songs that are undeniably catchy like this one, because when you hear a song like “MIA”, it doesn’t take a music expert to hear the potential that this song has. The future is bright for ssgkobe, he’s going to be one of the standouts of his class, and I am having a great time watching him + his peers continue to grow as artists.