Mercy – [Restless Modern]

“Mercy” is a song about retaliation and its relative moral position.  It’s about thinking differently in a world where being wronged becomes justification for wronging others – violence begetting violence in a very broad sense” – Restless Modern

As a writer, I’ll never stop accepting submissions because there are countless incredibly talented artists that I’d never discover if not for them. The latest example is Restless Modern, who is a 24 year-old artist, songwriter & producer. Modern is not only an independent artist, but also a self-engineer & DIY creator of his own records and visuals. In 2020, he’s impressively committed to releasing one song every other Wednesday, with full intention to replicate such consistency in 2021. Modern’s persistence and versatility has allowed himself to net a loyal fanbase that relates to him on a personal level. With 21+ million streams across popular platforms, the numbers still don’t reflect the quality of his artistry. Restless Modern’s latest offering is a new single titled “Mercy,” which was written, performed and engineered all by himself. The beat alone is as epic as Modern’s vocals, which creates a spine-chilling track that’s suitable for a box office hit movie. The synthetic instrumentation and daunting bass perfectly aligns with the track’s eerie atmosphere/subject matter. Not to mention, Modern’s ability to inflect his voice for calculated pitch alterations demonstrates sheer excellence of craft. As a result, the offering’s pacing is intentionally turbulent to serve as a harbinger of Hammurabi themed chaos. Stream “Mercy” below and be sure to follow Restless Modern ahead of the music video dropping next week!