Mental and Dolly Are In Perfect Harmony On “Luck”

The concepts of collaboration and versatility are two of the most prevalent aspects that the rising next wave of pop artists hold so closely. Seemingly each and every act working in the scene embodies this mantra through every one of their respective releases, and to say that both Mental and Dolly are just as noted in doing so as the rest of their contemporaries is an enormous understatement.

The two dynamic talents reflect this notion to a tee on their most recent track “Luck” — and what ended up resulting from the two’s pairing was nothing short of magic. 

Produced by the equally prevalent lilac, this song is simply awe-inspiring in every sense of the term, from the fluttering instrumental itself to the manners in which Mental and Dolly offer their outstanding vocal abilities throughout the entire track. 

Though both acts have dabbled in various vocal methods on past tracks – with Dolly especially flaunting their versatility quite consistently – the two more often than not shine brightest when conjuring up pure vocal bliss by way of singing their hearts out. And that is exactly what they do on this track at a resounding level. 

The two harmonize in brilliant fashion throughout, which serves to compliment both the swooping and fluttering beat alongside the sentimental lyrical themes that are provided throughout — which cast a telling narrative even within just a few minutes of time.

Both talents went above and beyond to make this song feel more than just another song from either of them; it’s an entire moment of serenity packed into the form of a single — promising so much more from both of them making music in this style. But with constant acclaim coming from just about every angle that they take with their respective sounds and styles, one can only expect just another fantastic divergence from the two soon-to-be-superstars in their next offering.