Searching for new music to write about every day, I stumble over all sorts of sounds and styles. From the most polished, sleek pop music to the most muddied rap records, though, I’ve realized one main element of my taste: imperfection. I love imperfection, and I love art that reflects such. Today, placing imperfection into a naturally-alluring lens, Ren Haze is back on our pages with a stellar new record entitled “Menace.”

All throughout this release, Haze communicates his human side with a barrage of imperfections, avoiding any of the fluff that may tint his reality. His lyrics are blunt and therefore, refreshing, as they immediately place the budding talent on an eye-to-eye level with his listeners. Adjusting to this same speed, the instrumental is just unpolished enough to evoke a sense of celebratory flaw, and as a result, “Menace” becomes an anthem of rawness that you can’t but love.

Rather than removing his music of its authentic personality in search of a top 10 hit, Ren Haze is who he is, with “Menace” to attest. Stream the new song below!

Produced by Ren Haze
Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Rooks