mememe – [bbno$] & [Lentra]

First off let’s have a moment of respect for our friend bbno$ who was weeks away from embarking on his biggest tour to date that had dates all around the world. Being that the current state of things is affecting revenue streams for artists severely, being able to double down on releasing music and content has become essential to stay connected with fans. It’s no surprise that this time coincides with bbno$’s work ethic well as he is one that will most certainly come out of quarantine with albums worth of music ready to go.

He recently dropped a new single called “mememe” that is one of his bounciest tracks in recent memory. Produced by global icon in the making Lentra, the two blend together perfectly as usual to create something that is incredibly funky and wildly unique. The visuals fit the light-hearted nature of this song well, following the tour life on his most North American tour he just wrapped up last fall. Don’t be surprised if we see a lot of creative and weird music come from bbno$ in the coming months, he’s also streaming quite often so if you’re looking for entertainment he’s got you in more ways than one.

Stream “mememe” on all platforms here and watch the video below!

Directed by Shiraz