melatonin – [Zac Greer]

Over the past couple of months, Overcast has become one of my absolute favorite music video production companies. Not only are they making some of the most creative visual to date, but they’re working with some of the most promising, underground, and even certain undiscovered talents that the world needs to know about. While I might’ve gotten into their offerings from hyperpop visuals and their work with artists like ericdoa, midwxst, glaive, and brakence, I have been introduced to multiple other acts such as XIX, lilspirit, koi, and most recently, Zac Greer.

Although I have known about Zac ever since I began to watch their visuals, I somehow didn’t realize exactly how unbelievably talented he was until his most recent song “melatonin”. When this track dropped not very long ago at all, I was consumed with not only the upbeat, bouncy instrumental and Zac’s incredible vocals, but I was also captivated by the way he was able to share his story about the hardships of a relationship that fell through his fingers because I think that’s something so many listeners can relate to on a very personal, melancholic level. That’s why, when I found out he was teaming up with Overcast and Daniel Jordan K to shoot a miniature movie for this record, I couldn’t wait until it released.

Opening up in what appears to be his bedroom at night, Zac is clearly struggling to get to sleep, trying to occupy his mind with anything possible as he seems to experience constant reminders of the one that got away. As this is happening, it almost appears as if stagehands are placing objects and props around the room on the fly, giving him one thing after another to take up his time and keep his mind off of this other person. As he strums his guitar, though, the camera pans in and out, revealing that he’s actually strumming his pillow as if to say he’s truly going insane without this girl in his life.

Moving on, a couple of people come in and begin to paint the walls as he continues to grow impatient and exasperated, running into the wet paint as it covers his cheeks and hands. After all of this erratic chaos, everything rewinds, and Zac finds himself tucked into bed and staring at the ceiling as if to suggest all of these events were a figment of his imagination and his mind is truly so occupied that he’s trying to think of anything at all just to make sure his thoughts aren’t fixated on his girl’s absence.

All in all, this song is an absolute hit. Not only does the message resonate with me and the bulk of the rest of his listeners, but he is able to convey his message in a way that uses both straightforward messages as well as similes that are creative and out of the box, so I think if he continues doing this, he’s going to go a very long way with his music, even more so than he already has. Not only this, but he has the natural talent of talking about these not very joyous topics in a fashion that doesn’t make the listener feel depressed, and you can listen to this at a party just as easily as you can bump it alone in your room. Daniel Jordan K obviously killed the visual which only brings this track to new heights for me, and I absolutely can’t wait for what next from Zac either. So, if I somehow wasn’t able to hype up “melatonin” enough for you to stop whatever you’re doing and check it out on the spot, make sure you take some time and experience it for yourself to see just how awesome it truly and honestly is!