We first started covering San Marcos group PNTHN in the opening months of 2018, and now that we’ve made it to 2019, the group has gone from a cool find to an undeniable favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade. Today, proving why they deserve all of this coverage and more, PNTHN is here to gift fans with a brand new single for the new year, “Megatron”. Just as the title connotates, this song is an absolute wrecking machine of a single, offering up an addictively hard instrumental as well as some high-voltage flows that will keep fans clicking repeat on this one. PNTHN works because they all bring out the best in one another, and “Megatron” is cement proof of this concept. I could talk about this song all day long, but I’ll just let you stream it below to understand what I’m talking about. PNTHN got next.