megan fox-[kezia]

kezia is a name you need to know if you’re keen on finding the next big thing. Searching for new music is a hassle in itself, but when you come across gems like this one, it makes the grind all the more rewarding in the end. I came across the multi-talented Tanzanian artist about a week ago after stumbling on her newest release called, “megan fox”.

The impressive offering was the perfect way for me to get introduced to this up and comer as both the song and video have a life of their own. kezia’s personality shines so bright on both pieces that it’ll be almost impossible not to fall in love. From a sonic standpoint, it is extremely evident that she has the voice to take her far in this profession; and from a visual standpoint, her striking appearance and confidence will instantly grab you. “megan fox” is a really cool offering and I can’t get over it. I was able to snag a quote from kezia about the song and she explained:

“I wrote megan fox from a pretty unconscious space. I wasn’t writing this song about a particular person, but more so a tribute to the ancestral and angelic forces that protect and ground me. The video was really a homecoming of all my family and friends.”

What excites me most about kezia is the future. I’m sure her and her team have some fire cooking up and I can’t wait to see what else she drops! I’ve attached the song and video down below for “megan fox”. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!