Meat Computer Does What Only They Can Do On New Track “Eternal Swag”

2020 belongs to Meat Computer. Not just in their rapid and impressive rise to the highest point of prominence within the underground music landscape, but also, even arguably even more so in spirit. No one seems to truly manifest what this year has represented to the grand majority of the population more than they have from an artistic standpoint; each and every release has told a slightly different tale that share the common traits of contemporary dread, existential angst, and pure tolerance of our current state as it as. 

With video after video and track after track just adding to this unmistakably one-of-a-kind artistic status, Meat Computer is slowly crafting a catelog that will stand the test of time when we inevitably look back on this year and what it represented in its wake. The latest offering to join this group is “Eternal Swag” — just another pitch-perfect representation of modernity that follows suit accordingly. 

As expected, the track bears the same signature core facets that all recent tracks from Meat Computer have come to be known for: the off-putting sound effects, now-iconic vocal samples, and of course most prominently, their unmatched vocal delivery of their own. These items are all placed over one of their hardest and most emphatic instrumentals to this day — with Flashbang joining them on the production in its entirety. 

The sharp lower tones that this song exudes perfectly contrast with Meat Computer’s superbly soft verses — a trait that is put on its most vivid display yet with this track in particular compared to others like it in their discography. 

But all these aspects combine to make up what this track represents beyond just the sonic aspects alone; this is Meat Computer yet again trying and succeeding at deconstructing this tumultuous year down to its most fragile and nuanced pieces. They have come to do this time and time again by shadowing a real and telling sense of dread under a blanket of sheer irony and playfulness, which is just about the most ideal way of painting how we as humans are reacting to this current-day world, and this song is no different. 

If anyone were to put this concept to music, no one could possibly do it more sound and elegantly than Meat Computer.