meadow – [uglyfriend] & [david shawty]

As I got further into the underground music scene, especially in Chicago, there were a few producers who truly created the entire sonic landscape that I grew to love more than anything else. Brent Rambo was at the forefront of this unique music, and uglyfriend was right there with him making some of the most outrageously inventive instrumentals in the entire music scene. They just incorporated sounds that I never imagined could work in hip-hop music into their soundscapes, and there was never a track produced by them that I heard and wasn’t pleasantly surprised by. Thanks to them, my mind was opened to an entirely new sound and even more incredible artists who took this style and ran with it, and my music taste has been changed for the better ever since.

Recently, I have seen all over social media that uglyfriend has been spending a ton of time hanging out with david shawty, one of my more recent favorite artists, so I figured it was only a matter of time before they dropped some heat. The result of this friendship so far is their recent song “meadows”, another unique track that uglyfriend actually spits on, diversifying his portfolio and showing that his creativity doesn’t just end with his production skills. In the beat, soothing, airy synths take over the melody as crispy, tempo-setting percussion and deep, pungent 808s create a foundation that is flawless for these two talents. When uglyfriend comes in for the hook, he uses his voice more as an instrument than an opportunity to spit actual vocals, swinging his voice effortlessly and utilizing his autotune effects to his advantage amazingly well.

Even though his words are under annunciated and someone strung together, it is surprisingly easy to interpret the actual lyrics themselves, making it a chorus that you’re going to be singing along with in no time. Oddly enough, david actually has the more normal verse in this record as he boasts some serene bars that are full of his trademark stuttering effects, but at the end of the day, it’s definitely one of his more normalized verses when compared to his insane catalog of music. At the end of the day, “meadow” is the unbelievable new song from this dynamic duo, making it a song you need to check out alongside its accompanying Gee.Create-directed music video.