Me, Myself, & Art – [Kendu Harrell]

Brooklyn-born-and-raised artist Kendu Harrell lands fresh in our pages today, armed with his emotional and evocative new project Me, Myself, & Art that takes us on a nine-track journey through Kendu’s psyche, m0tivations, and anxieties giving us a rich view of the man Harrell has become and the direction he wants to take his creativity in. While he attacks a variety of instrumental styles and tempos, there is a consistent sonic undertone of rich authentic sounds and clever instrumentation, not entirely derived from artificial sources as many songs are in this day and age, while still giving us a variety of moods and changing pace from time to time to keep our respective attention’s focused on the messages at hand. He paints pictures of struggle and strife but does not wallow in the reality, rather giving you a raw and uncut glimpse of his struggles but offering solutions to move past them. This project took two years for Harrell to make which is evident from the abundance of soul that fill his words presented in a polished and easy to digest manner, dispensing great wisdom while not teetering to pretentiousness. Kendu calls on various situations throughout his life, pulling the most potent feelings from each encounter to create the vibrant mosaic that is Me, Myself, & Art, and I hope that we are treated to some visuals paired with the project soon!