Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
17 Oct 2019

As it often goes in life, we learn the most in the hardest of times. Understanding that there will be personal growth out of a tough stretch certainly isn’t easy to come to terms with, but it’s an essential factor for making it through, day to day. Under this thematic umbrella is where the latest release from Massachusetts artist Meech exists. Entitled “MBS (Mind Body Soul),” the song is described by Meech as a “reflective piece that came from a place of doubt,” and certainly works to such an extent.

Leaving pure honesty on the table, from introspective thoughts to questions of love, direction, and more, “MBS” is a chance to wind down, sit back, and think for a moment. Sonically, it feels like a weight lifted from the shoulders, weaving sincere vocals into gentle drums and a refreshing burst of melody. As Meech lets his thoughts flow throughout the song, the relationship between audience and listener progressively gains a sense of familiarity, as the intimacy in such genuine thoughts steer the song’s identity. Boiling these elements into one, cohesive mix, it’s the lack of ego and pure reflection that allow “MBS” to work in such a special way — the song is alluring in regards to sound, and if not anything else, it’s a release that will certainly resonate with listeners far and wide as a source for comfort, even when things get tough.

That said, Meech put his all into “MBS (Mind Body Soul),” and it’s clearly apparent in the final product. Check this one out for yourself below!

Filmed/Edited by @fufuNsoup
Produced by Dartizt