John Matraia
John Matraia
19 Oct 2019

Mavi’s new album Let The Sun Talk proves that the twenty-year old Charolette-native has the world at his fingertips. Mavi raps through experience and nothing but experience, and not one bar is wasted throughout the entirety of his new project. He’s been through quite a bit, and has the self awareness to put his story into song in compelling fashion across a number of impressive tracks with what is undoubtedly one of the great albums of 2019.

Mavi has a new set of visuals to accompany “Love, Of Money”, one of the many standouts from the project. It’s one of the dreamier tracks on the record, and Mavi displays his versatility as he floats over this hypnotizing instrumental, keeping a tight rhyme scheme despite his complacent cadence, which complements not only the production (done by Nate & Nova Blu), but also the sentiment of the track.

The visuals here are comprised of just two shots, the first of which is a one-minute tracking shot that follows Mavi for the entirety of “Love, Of Money”. Mavi’s delivery is one of his strengths: his ability to convey emotion though his vocals is what makes him the real deal, and the visuals for this first part of the video displays that versatility on the screen. The video extends an extra minute, as the second shot follows Mavi back to a fire pit with some friends. This portion is backed by the stunning “III” instrumental from the second half of Let The Sun Talk, and this makes for quite the dramatic visual as Mavi and his friends proceed to all look towards the camera as it inches towards.

If you weren’t already aware, here is more hard proof that Mavi is up next. These visuals prove his artistry is on another level, and I personally can’t wait to see where he goes from here. Stream Let The Sun Talk on all platforms here, and check out these powerful new visuals below.

Directed and edited by Sean Breitkreutz
Produced by Katie Sanderson
Director of Photography: Mateo Davis
Gaffer: Hannah Godfrey
Colorist: Robindeep Singh
Production Designer: Noland Vannoy