Masons – [2kthagoon]

In a world full of up and coming artists who all have so much potential, it can be hard to decipher exactly who deserves your time of day and who isn’t necessarily worthy of your efforts when it comes to listening to their music. I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that 2kthagoon is well worth your time and efforts because he’s one of the most slept on artists coming up in the Rap industry. His style is unique, and although he may use autotune as the majority of the industry does, he has a stranglehold on the sound, knowing exactly how to use it to elevate his voice and not exploiting it as a kickstand to hold himself or his music up. Whether he used the vocal effect or not, his music would still be able to stand on its own because of his masterful flows and intricate deliveries that are always on display within each and every one of his songs.

Don’t just take my word, though, but rather check out his latest song “Masons” in order to see his talents for yourself. The scene is set through reverberating, mystifying synths, chattering hats, and somewhat subdued drums. This song is a bit slower and the pace is toned down more than other 2k offerings, but this doesn’t prove to be a problem whatsoever for him as he begins singing his lyrics. He displays a choppy, spread out cadence that pairs flawlessly with the production, adding a sort of creepy, tiptoeing aesthetic to this mystical offering. While the autotune on his voice couples well with the instruments in the beat, the real game-changer is his background hums and ad-libs, which add additional elements and sounds to the song, bringing it to new dimensions that would probably be absent without these subtle additions.

After the chopped-up delivery, 2k goes right into another flow out of nowhere, ditching the singing for a quicker pace while still remaining very rhythmic and melodic with his lyrical prowess. In the blink of an eye, he sort of mashes the two previous cadences together, slowing down a little to stretch his words out and truly convey his emotions as he full-on sings the rest of his verse, before going into his irregular delivery on the chorus once again. As the song progresses, you can hear certain reoccurring themes coming from the North Carolina native such as staying true to his brothers and sticking close by each other’s sides, evading police in a dashing car, as well as how he’s flattered and actually somewhat likes when people copy his style considering it happens so often, among many other topics.

It always frustrates me when artists like 2k don’t get the recognition they deserve. He’s been on the scene for quite some time now and although he has been infiltrating his way into certain underground circles all over the country, he deserves to be heard by a much larger audience on a grander scale. He clearly has influences within his music that can be appreciated, but he never once has copied or stolen from anyone else. He rather knows the sounds he likes and shapes them into his own unique and individualistic style, ensuring that he sticks out from all the copycats in order to create a distinctive sound in and of itself. While there’s no doubt in my mind that 2k has star potential and he deserves so much more notoriety than he receives, this isn’t up to me, unfortunately. I think that his music speaks for itself, however, and I’m sure you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about as soon as you press play. “Masons” is a perfect example, so be sure to give the latest offering from 2kthagoon a listen and get caught up to speed on one of the most promising rising talents in all of the underground Rap scene.