Chicago native Huron John returns to our pages today with the delivery of yet another warm, mesmerizing single titled “Maple Syrup Tears.” The young artist keeps things predominately tight as he is very self-sufficient and keeps all of the work; songwriting, production, and recording, to himself. The production on “Maple Syrup Tears” is simple, but it compliments John’s remarkable vocal production and touching lyrics extremely well. For him, “Maple Syrup Tears is about embracing the failures of adolescent love, but still keeping it danceable.” He said that “it’s a song about getting a little too self-reflective, but in the way that you learn a little something new. Bouncy drums, and a hook that’s supposed to be as sticky as that aforementioned brown pancake sauce,” John explained. “It’s a song about first’s, and the perspective that those first’s give us.” Huron John shows no signs of slowing down and according to his team, he has plans to release many more incredible records before summer hits this year. Stream “Maple Syrup Tears” below and be sure to follow John on Instagram and Twitter!