Malevolent – [Roxas]

The rising and prevalent Internet-based musical underground has been developing a plethora of new and never-before-seen attitudes in regards to the genres of pop, hip-hop, and beyond. Acts in this light have been developing a stunning sense of confidence with their delivery on the mic or otherwise, yet many of them have coded that very approach with lyrics that range from equally boastful, to selflessly honest and down-to-earth.

This approach is nothing new from a spectacle given the eccentric nature that both of these genres have brought throughout their respective histories, but perhaps no single act today is communicating this methodology in a nuanced light better than Roxas has this year with his incredibly resounding debut year on this scene itself.

The Graveem1nd forerunner has been just as successful at intertwining the worlds of pop and hip-hop as he has at balancing a telling sense of honesty with an all-too-upfront and definitively confident demeanor through his delivery; these aspects are impressive on their own, but they become more than just that when the sheer unmatched quality of his music becomes apparent in the process.

Embodying all that those previously mentioned details represent in regards to his artistry, his newest single “Malevolent” is just another offering from one of the most flawless purveyors of contemporary music today. Channeling all things direct and gritty over a Prblm-produced instrumental that matches those descriptions to a tee, Roxas stuns yet again in a variety of ways on this exceptional single without question.

Utilizing entertaining wordplay within both given verses along with the entrancing hook he provides, Roxas yet again solidifies that gripping and unignorable presence on the mic that he has come to be known for at this point in his career with even more ease than ever before. There truly is something so effortless and seamless about how he lays down both the abrupt lyrical themes along with his moving flow through it all.

All of these aspects contribute to the fact that he stands next to no one else as far as his creative presence is concerned, and with his debut EP on the horizon, that exact statement will be even further cemented in stone more than it already has beyond a shadow of a doubt.