Makin’ Drugs – [HerDrug] [MoneyMakinMyles]

We often write about how crowded and talented the Atlanta rap scene is across the board but even more densely populated with budding superstars is the group of producers from the city, ranging from mainstream mainstays to underground icons, it is very difficult for a producer to stand out with his beats and perhaps even more difficult for one to build his brand from behind a laptop, but East Atlanta native MoneyMakinMyles is a very young exception to that standard and is making a name for himself in studio rooms all over the city because of his sheer musical versatility and unending charisma. Almost every young Atlantan you can think of has probably recorded or had a session with Myles and is very quickly putting himself on the map as a both identifier and developer of young artists and the most recent case is with Southside Atlanta artist HerDrug who came together with Myles for a new joint project titled Makin’ Drugs. 

This tape was my introduction to HerDrug and at ten tracks with no features Drug’s ability to make music in numerous lanes is on full display, hopping on a variety of Myles beats showing he can make music at any vibe or tempo. My favorite tracks from the project were “Dysfunction” which is a woozy and sanguine cut where Drug skates on the rousing MoneyMakin production where he warps a warm vocal sample. “Microwave” leans in a much more sinister direction and Myles creates this atmosphere with ominous horns and scattered percussion and Drug’s autotuned vocal performance is maybe the most memorable from the whole tape. Myles and fellow rising Atlanta producer Kollosal came together for the feel-good track “Pretty Brown Vibes” where Drug floats over the beat with his melodic flows and lavish lyrics. Go ahead and add this project to your library and HerDrug and MoneyMakinMyles to your Atlanta music radar if they aren’t already, I am very excited to see what each of them have in store for the rest of the year.