Personally, my introduction to the ever-talented Brandon was through “Makeup” — a song of great sincerity, poised vocals, and more than anything, promise. Promise that for Brandon, the story doesn’t end there; there was always meant to be more, and so far, there has been more. Today, here to revisit the song, Brandon is back with an accompanying set of visuals, as directed by none other than Neal Farmer, the same director who did Brandon’s previous video for “Fallen (Here)”.

Beginning the music video with a backwards-playing tracking shot, the visuals for “Makeup” are much like the song: simplistic, graceful, and delivered with great care. Each shot embodies the beauty in brevity — a virtue that, rare in today’s day and age, refuses the temptation of over-the-top creativity. Everything is purposeful, and everything is thoughtful, channeling the intimacy of Brandon’s artistic voice into something more than just a music video. Neal Farmer’s work helps to extend a great song into a humble world of visual application, all without losing touch of intention at any point along the way.

Where “Makeup” succeeds is its ability to resonate universally while speaking on a personal level. The music video does the same, and for this reason and more, it’s a wonderful testament to the power in Brandon’s music. Don’t just take my word for it, though — watch the video for yourself below and stream the song here!

Directed By Neal Farmer